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How can i activate ``News`` button?

if you want to activate default “News” button,
-enter the Bot Buttons,
-then click on “Edit” of “Start button” or each of “basic” buttons.
-In the section of “Select default submenus”, click on “News” button and activate it.
-click on “Edit” at the bottom of window.

Files Management
How to save the files I need in the SmartBotsLand panel?

You can save your file in the panel in 2 ways, and use them as the content of your Telegram bot buttons,when ever you need.
1-Uploading files through the Smartbotsland bot maker panel:
-You must create categories for your files,first. so select “File categories” from “File Management” menu.
-Select “Files” from “File Management” menu.
-click on “New” and select a category and add file or files, and last press “Save”

2-Uploading files through your Telegram bot :
-run /management command in your bot
-Select “Send Files” Button
-Enter a name for your file, for example: picture1
-Attach your file
-Then login to your admin panel and select “Files” from “File Management” menu.
-Click on the “Edit” of uploaded file and choose a category for that.

How can i send message to my channel or group?

After adding your bot to your channel or group, select “Group Message” from “Messages” menu. Then after setting your text or file for send, Choose your group or channel in the “choose Contact” Section.

What kind of messages can I send to my Telegram bot users through the admin panel?

You can send any kind of message such as text, photos, files, etc to your bot users through the SmartBotsLand Bot maker panel

How do I set up a store in the SmartBotland bot maker panel?

Open “Store” menu and select My Stores and then “New” button.

How can i use of ``Group Management`` in smartbotsland bot maker panel?

You must add your bot to the group as admin. Then Select “Group Management” in the SmartBotsLand panel. Now you can click on “Setting” button in front of your group name.

How can i see my channel name in the ``Channel Management`` section at the smartbotsland bot maker panel?

You must add your bot as admin in your channel. Then you must register your channel ID in the “Channel Management”

How to define an operator for my Telegram bot in smartbotsland?

You have two ways to define an operator in the Smartbatland panel. But the easiest and fastest way is that:
1-Select “All Users” from “Bot Users” Menu.
2-Find your desired name or ID in the list.
3- In front of that name, click the “operator definition” button

What can bot operators do?

They can:
-Receive the reports of Form-builder buttons and reply them via bot.
-Receive and reply to messages sent by the users via the “Contact Us” and “Send Ticket” buttons.
-Send Files to panel via Bot.
-Send Messages to all of your bot users via bot.

How can i create buttons for my Telegram bot?

Select “Bot Buttons” and click on “New” and then Select one of the button types.

What is ``Basic`` Button?

You can display any type of information to the users by “Basic” buttons .

What is ``Form-Builder`` Button?

If you need to get some information from your bot users, you can create a “Form-Builder” Button.

What is ``Poll`` Button?

If your users feedback is important for you, the “Poll” Button lets you ask different questions with multiple choice answers.

What is ``Individual`` Button?

If you want to show specific information to each user Individually, you should create “Individual” Button.

What are default buttons? And how can i activate them?

SmartBotsLand has created some useful buttons for you, such as:
“Sign Up”,”Invite Friends”,”Store”,”Contact us”,”Send Ticket”,”News”,”Locator”.
if you want to activate each of them, click on the “Edit” of “Start button” or each of “basic” buttons.
In the section of “Select default submenus”, click on each of default buttons and activate them.
click on “Edit” at the bottom of window.

Bot Users
How can i see my telegram bot users in smartbotsland panel?

When you enter the smartbotland bot maker panel, Select “All Users” from “Bot Users” menu.

What are the features for all users?

You can see the active users, the number of people invited to the bot by each user, set operator button for each user and etc.

How my users can register in bot?

1-First you should activate ” SIGN UP” button. For this,
Select “Bot Buttons”
Select “Edit” button of “Start” button or “basic buttons”.
In the section of “Select default submenus”,selcet ” SIGN UP” button.
press “Edit” button.
2- Next, select “Register Questions” from “Bot Users” menu and define your questions.

Create & Edit Bot
How can i get token for a bot?

Follow the steps below
1-First search @botfather in telegram and start it.
2-Then use /newbot command
3-enter a name for your bot
4-Then enter an ID for your bot
Notice you have to use of “Bot” or “_Bot” at the end of your ID
tutorial video:

How can i register my bot in Smart Bots land Panel?

You can do this in two ways:
1- register it via our Telegram bot maker: @SmartBotsLand_Bot
2-Register it via admin panel:
tutorial videos:

What happen for my bot if i delete my telegram account?

Be careful, if you delete your Telegram account, your bot will be deleted from the BotFather and You will loose all of your bot users. Also the files that you uploaded for your bot in the panel will be lost too. But all of your buttons, setting and informations in SmartBotsLand will be protected and you just have to replace a new token.

How can i use ready templates of SmartBotsLand for my bot or change it?

BE CAREFUL if you change your template, all of the buttons and their content of the previous template or even that you created, will be deleted and the new one replaced.
If it is OK, you can select “Bot Templates” from “Bot Management” menu in the pannel.

Where can i see the features of SmartBotsLand bot maker panel?

You can see the list of features of each version in the following link: https://smartbotsland.com/pricing/

How can i replace my bot token or edit my bot information?

Select “Bots” from “Bot Management” menu. Select your bot and then select the “Edit” Button.

How can i upgrade my panel?

When you enter the smartbotland bot maker panel,
1-Select “Upgrade Panel” button at the top right.
2-Then select the version and time period.
3- last choose your favorite gateway to pay.



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