hamster kombat

What Is Hamster Komabt Game?

Hamster Kombat is a playful and exciting Telegram-based game containing a series of fun challenges or mini-games. In this game, you will see one (or more) hamster in different environments such as a jungle, a space station, or a medieval castle with various obstacles, platforms, and tunnels.

Hamster Kombat contains various mini-games and challenges, like capturing the flag and maze navigation. The hamsters in this game are equipped with cute, themed outfits matching the environment. Plus, each hamster has a unique ability or gadget, like a tiny knight with a sword or a space hamster with a jetpack. Also, you can customize them by giving them different outfits, accessories, and weapons.

All About Hamster Coin

Shape and Parts
Hamster Coin is a fun cryptocurrency with an adorable, cartoon-style hamster shape. The hamster has a funny face, big round eyes, and tiny paws spread to welcome the players. In the game, you can see 3 tabs “earn per tap”, “coins to level up”, and “profit per hour”. Look at the picture below to get familiar with the game’s atmosphere.

hamster kombat parts

How to play
Playing Hamster Kombat initiates with tapping on the hamster to get coins. You can use more than one finger to gain extra coins per tap. When you reach higher levels, you have to enter combo cards and Morse codes to receive extra bonuses.

Safety and validity
The question here is “Is the hamster coin real?” and “Is it safe to play it?”
Well! It’s too soon to answer such questions with confidence. The coin is not listed on Binance and might be a phishing scam, but people are trading it on other exchanges like Gate.io and ProBit.

hamster kombat official picture

Hamster Kombat Facts and Features

  • You can earn coins by constantly completing in-game challenges and tasks;
  • Upgrade daily to earn five million coins. These daily rewards change, so stay updated;
  • Each hamster coin is an NFT, meaning that you can trade it in an exchange;
  • You can receive extra coins by inviting your family and friends to join the game;
  • Play in battles and remove the obstacles to overtake the rivals and get more coins;
  • Complete simple or complex missions to receive additional hamster coins;
  • Use in-game boosters to increase your energy level and tapping productivity;
  • Play with international, online players across the globe to have fun and earn a digital asset.


How to Withdraw Hamster Coin?

After earning virtual coins, it’s time to convert and withdraw them.

First, link your crypto wallet to your Hamster Kombat account. Check whether your wallet is secure, connected, and verified.

Second, use the game’s instructions to convert the Hamster Coins to digital tokens.

Third, use your crypto wallet (preferably a TON-based one) to withdraw the tokens. Make sure that you have enough gas fees to conduct the transactions.

Finally, now you can sell the tokens on the exchanges. Be careful of price fluctuations and the exchange lists while trading the coins.

hamster bitcoin

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