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What Is a Boosted Group?

On March 4, Telegram introduced a new feature that drew the attention of many of its users, the group admins in particular. This feature, named Boosted Group, helps the group admins customize their groups and attract more members to their platform.  So! Boosted Groups are nice and effective, but how can you make (and keep) your group boosted? what are its merits? Read on to get the answer to your questions.

2 Ways to Have a Boosted Group in Telegram

You can have a Boosted Group in Telegram if:

  1. The members boost the group by clicking on the Boost Group *New* icon. You need to publish interesting and authentic content (both text-based and audio/visual) so that the users level up your group.
  2. The admins give gifts, such as Telegram Premium and access to a VIP feature in the group, to encourage more people to join their group. This feature is Giveaway and has made this application more enjoyable and fascinating to the users. The Telegram AI chooses the winners of giveaways randomly; so, the admin cannot grant the gift to a certain person. This clarity has made the Giveaway feature reliable and inviting.

Also, watch this short video published by the Telegram team to learn how to make your group level up.

5 Features of Telegram Boosted Groups

Telegram boosted groups have 5 features that distinguish them from other ones.

Post Story on Behalf of Your Group

The admins can post a story with their group account, not necessarily with their account. When the group members reply to these stories, their messages are published in the group chat; therefore, there are new conversation topics to keep the group members busy and interested. To post a story with your group, follow these 4 steps:

  1. Open the group and click on its name.
  2. On the top right, click on the plus (+) sign.
  3. Upload a picture, video, or gif and write a caption [optional] for it.
  4. Share your story.

After posting the story, look at the profile picture of your group. You can see a blue ring around it which shows that your story has been posted successfully.

boosted group story

Customize the Appearance of Your Group

By having a boosted group in Telegram, you can change the color and logo of your group, choose an emoji status for it, and set a wallpaper for its chat wall. You can see the emoji status next to your group’s name.

Follow these steps to customize your group and make it more attractive.

  1. Click on the name of your group
  2. Click on the pen-shaped (edit) icon
  3. In the opened window, click on Appearance & Emoji *New*
  4. Choose a color, logo, and emoji status for your group’s profile
  5. Scroll down and choose the best Group Wallpaper

boosted group appearance and emoji

Set an Emoji Pack for the Members 

If you are the admin of a boosted group, you can make a pack of emojis for the members of your group. This is also a type of customization as the members use certain emojis in the chat, the ones that you have chosen for them. It is interesting to know that the group members shouldn’t necessarily have Telegram Premium to use these animated emojis.

Use this path to set up a group emoji pack.

  1. Click on the name of your group
  2. Click on the pen-shaped (Edit) icon
  3. In the opened window, click on Appearance & Emoji *New*
  4. Scroll down and click on the Group Emoji Pack
  5. On top of the opened page, you can see the link to your group
  6. Choose an emoji pack by clicking on it. After adding it, the name of the emoji pack will be added to your link.
  7. When you get back to the group chat, you can see the emojis you have chosen.

boosted group emoji pack

Convert the Voice Messages to Texts

In high-level groups, the members can have a transcription of voice and video messages. Although Telegram has not completed this feature yet, it has already speeded up the communication. Have a transcription of the voice messages by clicking on the A sign next to it.

boosted group voice to text

Give More Permission to Group Boosters

As mentioned earlier, the members can boost a group; but what do they receive in turn? They get a Booster Badge which is shown next to their name whenever they send a message to the group. Also, the group admins can give them special permissions as a thank you. For example, they can remove some group restrictions (like Slow Mode and sharing limited media) for them.

boosted group permission

All being said, the Telegram boosted group is a practical feature that both entertains the users and helps the admins expand their group.


Reference: Telegram blog

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