Telegram Shop Bot

Shop bot has become the most popular and functional element in Telegram in last few years. This bot uses AI features to respond to the customer’s messages and aids the online shop owners in processing orders.

What Is a Store Bot?

Shop bot in Telegram is a perfect tool for boosting sales and expanding online businesses.  Your customers can use your store bot to purchase products and use its interesting features; like VIP links and discount codes provided by you. If you are planning to have a Telegram shop bot, this article will be helpful for you.

Why Using Telegram for Online Shop?

Telegram is a safe, fast, and comfortable messaging app with nearly 200 million daily active users. This cloud-based app offers incomparable features that benefit both the eCommerce managers and customers.  In the following, some of main reasons that you should use Telegram shop bot are listed.

  • You can share its link in your social media accounts; so, your customers can enter it by just clicking on it;
  • It automates the interaction between you and your customers and reduces your workload to a great extent;
  • It receives customers’ query and responds to them immediately, so they won’t be waiting long hours for you to reply. This factor improves your user experience (UX) and increases your customers’ satisfaction;
  • By adding it to your website, the user interactions of your web page will be increased, you will have more repeat customers in the future, and your brand gets more famous;
  • It receives customer’s tickets and send it to you automatically. So, the time and cost of your customer support service is reduced drastically;
  • It’s free of charge as Telegram doesn’t get commission for using its services for having online shop;
  • It has high security;
  • Your data will be stored and preserved in Telegram cloud.



Benefits of Telegram Shop Bot

People around the world use store bots to expand their business and do their tasks faster and better. Shop bot in Telegram can send mass messages, deliver transactional messages, send reminders at a specific time, keep track of the warehouse stock, group the customers according to their information, needs, or previous purchases, generate invoice, notify users about the events and sales, and many more tasks. Just like websites, you can use Telegram bots as a platform to sell your digital and physical products. If you own a bot, you can use it as shop bot to present your goods, and sell them to your users.


Watch this video or read this detailed and precise article to learn how to create a Telegram bot. Using SmartBotsLand panel, you can create various types of Telegram bots -including store bots- at a fair price and without coding skills.

Shop Bot in SmartBotsLand

In SmartBotsLand, you can create and customize your store bot in a few, simple steps. Publish the information of your products, categorize them, and manage the orders of costumers by using our Telegram bot shop templates or panel.


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