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Telegram Business has been launched this March (2024), with few but useful features. Users can enjoy the functional features of their business account by paying a decent amount of money per month. Read this article to learn more about the price and exciting features of Telegram Business.

What Is Telegram Business?

Having a business account in one of the most popular messaging apps in the world is not a dream anymore. Whether you work with Telegram on iOS, Android, Mac, or Linux, you can use Telegram Business effortlessly. So, what is Telegram Business and what does it have to offer? Let’s check out what are the features of this new update of Telegram.

Add Your Opening Hours and Location

With Telegram Business, you can now add your opening hours, write your address, and pinpoint your location in your account. These features help your customers know your exact operation hours and find you on the map easily and rapidly. As you can see in the image below, such extra information is displayed beneath your bio, so the customers have easy access to them.

Telegram Business Open hours and location

Send Greeting Messages Automatically

A polite, warm, and friendly greeting makes a positive impression on a new customer. Owners of Telegram Business accounts can send a welcome message to the customers who contact them for the first time. This message can also include important information, answers to the frequently asked questions of the customers, or the latest news about your business. You can change or remove this message anytime you wish.

Telegram Business Greeting Message

Reply to the Customers Quickly

In your Telegram Business account, you can send pre-defined messages to customers quickly. This feature not only speeds up the communication process but also improves your user experience (UX). Add texts, links, gifts, stickers, files, images, and videos to your account and send them with just 2 clicks. Type / in the message bar of your chat to send or edit your pre-set messages. Keep in mind that the Quick Reply feature only works in private chats, not telegram groups.

Telegram Business quick reply

Customize Your Start Page

What do you want your customers to see the first time they open your chat? You can choose a text and/or sticker to be displayed on your empty chat page. An innovative Start Page text can have a good impression on your customers and give them the necessary information at a glance.

Telegram Business Start Page

Send Away Message Automatically

With this feature, you can send an Away Message to customers to inform them that your business is closed or you are on vacation. This note reduces the number of messages sent in certain days/hours and lets your customers know when they will receive an answer from you. It might be interesting to know that you can exclude your family, friends, and any other people from receiving away messages.

telegram business away messages

Tag Your Chats to Discriminate Them

In both Telegram Business and Telegram Premium, you can Tag Chats to make them distinctive. This feature allows you to give one or more colored labels to your customers. The labels help you discriminate customers based on their needs, order status, membership status, how they are acquainted with you, method of payment, and many more. Remember that creating folders and adding chats to them is available to all users; but, labeling the chats is only accessible to the ones holding Telegram Business and Premium accounts.

telegram business tag chats

Create a Link for Your Business Telegram

Just like Telegram groups, Telegram Business accounts have a link that can be shared both inside Telegram (in groups and channels) and outside of it (on social media and websites). Even you can print this link on paper (like on a menu) as a QR code. When people tap or scan this link, they are directed to your chat page. It’s interesting to know that you can set a message to be sent automatically whenever someone enters your chat via a link. Remember that you can always see how many times your link(s) was tapped by the customers.

Telegram business Links to Chat

Use Chatbots to Automate Your Messages

If you have a Telegram Business account but don’t have time to answer all messages quickly, Telegram chatbots are ready to help you. These bots use AI to interpret and answer customers’ queries on your behalf. All you have to do is add a bot to your account and give it access to certain chats. You can exclude as many chats as you want from the bot’s access; so that it will not send messages automatically to them. Also, you are free to disable the bot anytime you want.

Telegram business chatbots


FAQs about Business Telegram

  1. Is Telegram Business free?
    No. Telegram Business costs $4.99 per month and $35.99 per year.
  1. I have Premium Telegram, should I pay for a business account too?
    No. Telegram Business is free for premium users.
  1. Who should use Telegram Business?
    People who have an online shop or a brick-and-mortar store can use Business Telegram to help the customers reach them more easily.
  1. How can I activate Telegram Business?
    You can find and activate telegram business in the setting of your Premium account.

Telegram Chatbot

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