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What Is Telegram Bot?

Telegram bot is one of the most important, popular, and useful features of this online messenger. In 2015, Telegram introduced a new account controlled by programs, not people. This new feature has gained rapid popularity throughout the world and today, it is widely used for different purposes. Read on to learn how Telegram bots can help you improve your business or automate your tasks.


Why People Use Telegram Bot

Telegram bots have many interesting features and benefits, so the number of people and businesses using them is increasing steadily. In the following, some benefits of Telegram bots are listed.

  • You can answer the users’ (like your customers) inquiries and questions faster and more accurately.
  • You don’t have to design a mobile application.
  • Providing information about your products -whether physical or digital- happens more quickly.
  • Your customers can place their orders without waiting for you to answer their messages.
  • Since your data (files, images, videos, etc.) are stored in the Telegram Cloud, they can be used by all users at any time, as long as they are not removed from the bot.
  • The users can provide you with useful feedback or send you a ticket whenever they have a question or problem.
  • You can send custom messages to your VIP customers and improve your customers’ satisfaction.
  • You can send notifications to your customers whenever you update your products or have a special offer.
  • The bots allow you to reduce the traffic on your website.


Telegram Bot List

Telegram bots have various types and are used by a wide range of users every day. Each bot has distinct features and is used for a specific purpose. Read on to learn who can benefit Telegram bots:

  • Gamers can use bots like @gamebot@gamee , @funquiz_bot and to play exciting trivia games, gambling games, chess, word-guessing games, and countless others.
  • Users can use some bots to get weather information, set reminders (@skeddy), search videos on YouTube, get definitions of words, GIFs, pictures, and many more. for example, type @GIF , @PIC , @VID in your telegram chat box.
  • eCommerce managers can use Telegram store bots to sell their products online and reduce the traffic on their websites.
  • People can also find and buy goods by searching their names or codes in-store bots. The telegram bots allow people to see pictures, videos, information, and prices of products and compare them if necessary. The shop bots are one of the most popular kinds of Telegram bots as they are easy to use and have secure payment gateways.
  • Language learners, translators, and even people with international relations can use Telegram bots like @BabelgramBot to translate their messages from one language to another.
  • Crypto traders may also use Telegram bots to track the price of cryptocurrencies, broadcast signals, track portfolios, etc.

What Does a Telegram Bot Do?

Telegram bots interact with people by sending automated, pre-designed messages to them. You can send and receive texts, audio, videos, location information (like reminders), documents (PDF, DOC. Spreadsheet, HTML, PPT), URLs, and GIFs by bots; therefore, they can be useful to a wide range of individuals, organizations, and businesses. In the following, you can see some of the main functions of the Telegram bot.

Posting Messages in a Telegram Group or Channel

After adding the bot to your group or channel, you can send single or periodical messages to them. Interestingly, you can send any form of text and file to your audience in the shortest time possible. For example, a Telegram bot can welcome new members or explain rules and regulations.

Introducing business

You can introduce your business or simply sell your products (digital and physical) by using a Telegram bot. Telegram has almost 800 million active users, so this platform can help you expand and improve your business.


Want to cheer up your friends? play different games with them using Telegram bots. Answer short quizzes, solve puzzles, roll dice, play chess, and many more free games with your peers and share your rewards with others.

Telegram game bot

Connect to web services

Telegram bot can share news and articles on a website with the users of Telegram. You can also get your website comments, emails, and other messages using bots.

Inline mode

One of the easiest ways to search and find things on Telegram is using inline bots. You just need to type the bot’s username and then type your intended words. The perfect examples of inline bots are @pic, @vid, and @gif.


For instance, you can find a GIF in a telegram by writing @GIF in the text box of your group and writing a word in front of it to find the GIFs related to that. For example, @GIF happy puppy.

GIF Telegram Bot

How Is a Telegram Bot Different from a Personal Account?

To check whether a user is a bot or a personal account, look at its suffix. If an ID ends in “bot” or “_bot”, it is a Telegram bot. For example, @sportslandbot or @sports_land_bot can be bots but @sportland is NOT a bot. Also, Telegram bots do not have Last Seen or Online status.

Can I Have a Telegram Bot?

Good news! You can have your own Telegram bot and use it for different purposes. The Telegram app provides an API (application programming interface) for developers or anyone who wants to create a bot. In the following two options for creating a Telegram bot are introduced.

How to Create a Telegram Bot?

bot father telegram bot

The first step to creating a customized Telegram bot is receiving a token and API from @Botfather. To do so, search @botfather in the search box of your Telegram and open the bot. Open the Menu and click on /newbot.

Telegram bot botfather

You can now set a name, username, image, and commands to your bot and change some of its options and features.

Telegram bot username

After receiving the token, it is time to choose how to create your bot.

  1. If you know coding or someone who does it, you can create your own Telegram Bot with programming and coding. Otherwise, consider the following option.
  2. You can create an advanced and customized bot using the SmartBotsLand panel. In this prepared platform, you can create a Telegram bot without coding skills, manage it efficiently, and modify its options

Smart Bots Land offers a one-week free trial which helps you wander in the world of robots before creating one of your own.

How to Use Telegram Bot

You can easily find a Telegram bot by searching its name or username in the app. After running it, enter your query to receive a response from the bot.

Telegram bots interact with people by sending automated, pre-designed messages to them. They can send text, images, videos, files, notifications, URLs, etc. based on users’ commands. Giving commands to the Telegram bot can only be done by inserting predefined commands like /start, /sendimage, /sendticket. As you can see, all the commands in bots start with “/”.

Are Telegram Bots Safe?

Generally, the Telegram bot is safe and has high security, just like the app itself. It is usually assumed that Telegram bots are like human users; they can see your ID, name, and profile picture, but they can’t send messages to you directly unless you ask them something. Interestingly, they do NOT have access to your phone number until you give it to them.

Although the Telegram bot is safe, you should be careful when sharing your personal information and bank info with it. SmartBotsLand is proud of creating safe and secure bots that preserve the information of the customers, regardless of the cost involved.



Telegram Bot Buttons

Communicating with the Telegram bot is easy. You do not have to learn bots’ language! Most Telegram Bots have basic or glass buttons that guide you through the bot services. Remember that you always give commands to bots with a slash “/”. It is good to know that you can create customized bot buttons and change their appearance, type, and content whenever necessary.

Telegram Bot Keyboard

Who Can Access My Telegram Bot?

Everyone can find your Telegram bot by searching its username. In fact, they are public and have no private mode. In the SmartBotsLand panel, you (as the owner) are the only one who can change and manage the bot, so you can decide which users be able to access your bot buttons.

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