Telegram Vs. WhatsApp

There is quite a battle in such fields. Each of these messaging apps tries to win by offering more and more. By a quick look in the first place, they may seem similar; but there is a long list of differences and, by a fair comparison, you will be finally able to choose the one as your massaging app. Both of these messaging apps, Telegram and WhatsApp, have honored the importance of users’ privacy and put it at the top of the list of their priorities. When it comes to instant messaging, these two would always cross our minds before anything else; the evergreen logo of WhatsApp and the sky blue one that belongs to Telegram. Meanwhile, a question starts to come out of the dark and involves minds: “Telegram or WhatsApp?” When we face such questions, the first thing we need to do, is to compare them by a fair and logistic manner.

How are they different?

Two massaging apps. You may think to yourself that they would not be so different. They are both cross-platform messaging apps with similar offerings as messengers. But the fact is, when it comes to comparison, the differences are far more than the similarities. Here in this article, we are going to mention these similarities and differences so you can compare them fairly and finally, you would be able to choose the proper one for yourself. So, let us continue.

Let us start from the very first beginning:


WhatsApp was founded by two of the former employees of Yahoo, Brain Acton and Jan Koum in January 2009. And back to 2013, Telegram was founded by two Russian brothers, Pavel and Nikolai Durov. Which makes WhatsApp the older one.


So, if you have not already chosen your side, I suggest that you continue.

Privacy and Security

It is an important issue no matter what, and every single one of us has a noticeable scrupulosity about it. The fact that we all want to keep our personal information safe and sound, puts this need at the top.

Both Telegram and WhatsApp require a mobile phone number for the creation of an account. When the account is created, WhatsApp will show your number to everyone and whoever you contact with, will know your number. But the Telegram acts differently. It will keep your number private and no one will know your phone number unless you decide to share it with someone.


WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption for all chats and calls. Which means only you and the one you are chatting with will be able to see messages, not even WhatsApp itself. Telegram does it just for “Secret Chats”. It generally uses a symmetric encryption called MTProto, which was developed by the elder brother of Pavel, Nikolai Durov and the other Telegram developers. Blue-icon messaging app has servers all around the world to improve its services.

Pavel Durov, founder of Telegram, admitted that WhatsApp is not safe and Telegram offers better security. Which was quite a bold gesture.


Telegram has around 500 million of users by now, and it considered to be the main competitor to WhatsApp, an app with 2 billion users. So, in this case, WhatsApp has the superiority in numbers.


File Sharing

When it comes to this one, Telegram wins! Telegram allows you to transpire files up to 2 GB. Meanwhile, on WhatsApp, you can share any file up to 100 MB. I think the choice is easy and clear enough.

Features of Telegram and WhatsApp

With no doubt and hesitation, Telegram would be the King of Features. It offers many absorbing features and if we want to compare these two applications, WhatsApp would move aside with shame. Although some of their features are the same, there are fractures even on their similarities; GIF and Stickers can be sent on both, but the quality will be different and Telegram gains better quality. Differences between groups and channels are noticeable. Groups in WhatsApp allow a maximum number of 256 people to join a single group. But the number on Telegram is 200000! If you are not an antisocial, your choice is quite simple!


There is nothing exactly in the name of “Channel” in WhatsApp, but you can manage that admins would be the only people who can send messages in a single group and others would be only witnesses. But on Telegram things go differently. There would be an option just for creating a channel and you can set a username for your channel and anyone would be able to find that. You can also would be able to use a private link instead of a public username for your channel.

You can log in on Telegram whenever you want and it will not cause any harm to your data. Although the same action in WhatsApp would destroy the old data of yours if you do not backup.

Or you can also choose to use a private link instead. If you are eager to know more about Telegram and its features, do not miss this article.


You can download and install WhatsApp on both your mobile phone and PC. Telegram as the same. WhatsApp can only operate with only one number on one device. But Telegram acts differently. You can log in as many devices as you want at the same time. Which it gives Telegram another advantage against WhatsApp. You can also use the web version for both. On Telegram, you can manage the self-destruction of your account if you were away and inactive for a while. When your account deleted, all of your data will be deleted too and leaves no place to worry about.

WhatsApp will delete your account if you were inactive for 120 days. So, you need to be careful about it and do not just let go of your account on WhatsApp.

I hope after this comparison, you will be able to choose your messaging app. But after all, it depends on you and you can have your own comparisons. Telegram and WhatsApp, two big competitors, are indeed powerful, safe and comfortable, and that is why they gain so many users and every day more and more attempt to use one of them. Because communication matters very much.

WhatsApp has more users, but that does not mean that it is actually better. Telegram offers more features and it is more delightful and satisfying to use. You can download both and work with them to see with your own eyes how would they be. It is up to you! But if I was going to suggest one of them, it would be definitely Telegram. 



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