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In the world of communication, Messaging apps become high in value. Somehow, it is unimaginable to live our lives without them nowadays. So, an issue started to appear: which application can I use? Besides, there would be concerns about using apps; things like: “can I trust them with my personal information?” There is only one name which still holds its popularity since the lunchtime back to 2013; and it is Telegram Messenger. Telegram has a noticeable focus on speed and security. Stands strongly above other messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook. The progress of this remarkable messenger did not stop or slow over time. But it also offers more useful features in each update, and never attends to cause regret for its users. It has millions of users and the number increases each year. Telegram Messenger, as an outstanding one amongst others, has shown itself worthy. So, never doubt about choosing Telegram as your messaging app.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a cross-platform messaging application, launched in 2013 by two Russian programmer; The Durov brothers. Pavel, who is remembered as the Russian Mark Zuckerberg, founded this app with his elder brother Nikolai, a programmer and mathematician.

Pavel Durov

It is free for all and achieves a high place amongst other messenger apps. Telegram is fast, secure and has many unique features. It is an online messaging app. So, you have to make sure that you are connected to Wi-Fi or your mobile data. You need an available phone number for creating an account on Telegram, then you would be able to work with the messenger. You can pick a name, username and a profile photo. After creating your account, you can simply send messages or share photos, videos and other things with your friends.

What is Telegram used for?

We face a Messaging app. Software that enables messages to be sent and received. That is what Telegram does in general. You can share almost anything using this app because it supports varied types of files. It does not matter if you are eager to share a photo, video or something else. It allows you to transfer about 2GB as the maximum file size. Anyone who is looking for a trustable messaging app can use it. You can also use it for normal daily messaging or business work.

I just want you to know it can be utilized unlimitedly as you wish. It requires no extra cost. It is also extremely powerful and featureful.

Features of Telegram

Telegram has many features and that is one of the reasons that it has become incredibly popular. To be specific, not only because of its outnumbered features, but also because of its useful outnumbered features! Here we are going to introduce you some of these useful features.

Telegram Features


As I mentioned before, you need a phone number to create your account. After that, you can choose a name for your account, pick a username and upload a profile photo (you can upload multiple profile photos). You can start a conversation with anyone just by adding their numbers to your contacts and the rest would require no hard effort. You can also manage your last seen and online statue as well. Just take a look at “Privacy and Security”, decide who can see your last seen and online status. The absorbing part definitely comes from “Chat Setting”. It offers you themes and you can simply choose your favorite one. It also allows you to create your own to manage it in a way that satisfies you.



Telegram channels are one of these features. Only admins of a channel are able to post messages and the other members cannot.  You can send whatever you desire on your Telegram channel and share it with members. There are two types of Telegram channels. You can use a public username for your channel or decide to use a private link. If you decide to use a public one, anyone can have access to your channel and join it. But if you choose to use a private link, it would be your decision to share the link with whom.



You would be able to communicate with a large number of users in Telegram groups, up to 200000 members. You can share media and almost do everything that can be done in a private chat. Members can be added to telegram groups or use either a private or public link to join the group. The creator of a group, as the main admin, can promote any member to a new admin and give it proper abilities. Admins are able to manage the group, and they have full control of the group.


This one is an absorbing one. You can use them in different fields. You will be able to create your own, design it, set proper buttons for it and then, this smart assistant will serve you as well as possible. It would be interesting to know that many businesses use telegram bots to introduce or sell their products. Now it is obvious that telegram bots are quite popular. If you would like to know more about telegram bots, the features they offer or how you can create one for your own, I suggest you do not miss this article about telegram bots.

Voice and video messages

Here is another ability. You are able to send voice and video messages just by clicking and holding either a microphone or camera icon next to the input box. Good for those who are not in the mood to type!

Proxy Servers

If you are from a region that blocks the Telegram app and you are eager to use it, you may thank Telegram with great appreciation! The Telegram Proxy Service allows you to connect in such situations.


Stickers and GIFs

During your chat, you are able to use stickers and GIFs, which is quite delightful. You can save sticker packs and GIFs. They would also be used easily. To do so, it requires you to tap on each icon and choose whatever you want, then send it. You can also create your own sticker pack using Stickers Bot.


You may find notifications of multiple contacts, groups or channels annoying. If you do so, you can get rid of them! Mute all in cold blood and you will never ever see them again! Unless you miss them or find notifications of some chat important, so you would rather unmute them once again.


Typing Features

It might have crossed your path in other messaging apps that you accidentally send something nonsense to the wrong person and after your mess, you were not able to clean it up! Because it could not be deleted. Or you type something full of mistakes and you want to edit it after sending them. The good news is that Telegram gives you the ability to delete or edit your messages after you send them. So, you do not need to worry about anything! You can also use different kinds of emoji which some of them are animated already. Scheduled messages seem to be handy and allow you to set a timer. I also remind you that you can use stickers and GIFs as well.


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