Send message in Telegram bot

 Send message in Telegram bot

In this tutorial, we will introduce the “Messages” menu in the Smartbotsland panel. We also want to introduce you to how to send message in Telegram bot.

How to send message in Telegram bot

Follow the steps below to send message to your users in Telegram bot.

1. First, login to SmartBotsland panel.
2. Enter to “Group Message” of “Messages” menu (The message settings window opens for you).

We will explain the different parts of the settings window.

Title: In this field you must enter a title for your message.

Message type: Here you can select the message type (message, photo, video, sticker, location, news, etc).

Link preview: Enabling this option means that if you have used a movie or photo link in the text of your message, a preview of the movie or image related to that link will be displayed to users in Telegram.

Message alert: If this option is unmute, it means that if your user is working with the bot and a message is sent, they will hear the message.

Delivery Mode: In this mode, you can see the active users who received the message in the list of users of the All Users menu.

Send date: If you do not change the settings in this section, your message will be sent immediately, but if you want your message to be sent on a specific date and time, you must make the timed send settings.
If you want to send the message periodically to your users in Telegram, you must make the necessary settings in the sending periodically section.
In section 1, Specify the start and end intervals to send message in the Telegram bot.
In section 2, Select the days when you want to send message in the Telegram bot.
In section 3, Specify the daily start and end time to send message in the Telegram bot.
In section 4, Specify the repeat interval.

sending periodically

Contacts: In this section, by selecting the type of contacts, you specify to whom your message will be sent in the Telegram bot.

Groups & Channels: If your bot is member in Telegram group or is admin in Telegram channel, in this section you can specify that your message will be sent in that group or channel.

You also can watch this tutorial video:


  • Hello, I have a question.
    I want a bot on Telegram that can automatically send to multiple channels I sent. However, messages that arrive on the channel must be deleted after a certain period of time.
    Would these things be possible if I used your program?

    • Hi, my dear friend
      With SmartBotsland bots, you can send messages to all the channels that the bot is a member of, but the bot cannot delete the messages after a while.
      If you need help to build your bot, you can send a message to the Telegram support account(@SmartBotsLandSupport)

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