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Subscription Telegram Bot: Creating a membership or subscription based business can be very rewarding. You have the opportunity to build meaningful, long-term relationships with your members, provide them with value month after month, and cultivate a community that creates secure and stable income for you.

However, unlike other businesses, running one that relies on members (or subscribers) is a whole different ball game. There are a couple things that make this type of business unique.

First, typical productized firms only offer a product or service once, but in order to continue turning a profit, they must continuously selling it to new clients. In contrast, membership and subscription businesses generate consistent monthly (or annual) revenue as long as their members remain customers.

Second, maintaining a membership or subscription consistently needs more work than maintaining a standalone product, which you sell once and then disregard unless a problem emerges. This means that you can’t have the mentality of “selling and forgetting”; instead, you must always be thinking of ways to provide your subscribers with valuable information.

What is a membership business?

A membership business is essentially just a corporation or organization that develops a good or service that a consumers pay a regular fee to access. This billing cycle may be monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

A membership business is something that individuals belong to, to elaborate. It’s a neighborhood, gathering place, or hub that offers enough ongoing value to attract regular members as opposed to occasional patrons.

membership business

Examples of membership business

Service-Based Membership & Subscription Businesses

One of the Service-Based subscription Businesses is that you hold a training course and share it on your VIP Telegram channel. So, there are some subscription Telegram bots which can help you which and will explain this further.

Online Membership & Subscription Businesses

Customers that use your product or service on a regular basis pay a charge in a subscription business model. Two excellent examples of subscription-based businesses are Netflix and Spotify.

With subscription services, you and your customer have an ongoing contract in which they agree to pay for access to your goods or services on a regular basis, such as once a month or once a year. Additionally, customers have the choice to end their contracts with your business.

In-Person Membership Businesses

Gyms and Fitness Centers and arts & Crafts Spaces are the examples of this kind of businesses. The owners of this club can create a telegram channel or group, and those who want to pay the monthly subscription fee can pay by the group or channel, and this will be managed by the subscription bot.

The problems of membership business

As many people are aware, membership-based businesses usually face challenges and difficulties, which require a lot of your time and effort to overcome. problems like:

  • Receiving the receipts, which forces you to read each communication individually: It will take a lot of time and careful attention for you to register all receipts and deposit data before creating and sending them the link to your group or channel.
  • One of the most difficult tasks is examining each user’s membership information is removing expired users, you need be aware of their expiration dates.
  •  The date of those who renew must be updated.
  • Include more people in your channel and group.
  • Taking a lot of your time.

problems of membership business

What can bots do for membership businesses?

Gathering data 

Bots have the ability to gather a lot of user data. Bots can learn about a user’s preferences and interests by conversing with them or by playing games with them.

Selling points

Bots can also be used as a sales channel for your products and services. These can be  physical items that the bot directly offers for sale in chat or paid services that the bot advertises in chat.

Referral fees

Another important business model on mobile and the web that is shifting to bots is the referral fees model. These bots can assist you in choosing what to buy or which service to use and then direct you to the appropriate provider rather than carrying out the transaction themselves.

The subscription business model is currently the most common way that bots drive their revenue. In this model, the bot provides an ongoing service that the user subscribes to and pays for. This is why this is the perfect tool for subscription businesses. For example, a bot highlights premium functionalities on the payment page, based on user behavior, or helps to pick up the plan or amount of credits, based on the users free activity. It would be also valuable to add machine learning (ML) to this.


At the moment, the subscription business model is the most popular way for bots to make money. In this approach, the user subscribes to and pays for the bot’s on-going service. This makes it the ideal tool for subscription-based enterprises. According to user behavior, a bot might, for instance, emphasize premium features on the purchase page or assist in choosing the plan or number of credits based on the user’s free activity.

Subscription Telegram bot

You may have Telegram groups or channels like: paid crypto Telegram groups. So you need to get membership fees from your VIP users. There is a subscription Telegram bot which can manage your groups or channels automatically. And also, Your relationship with your consumers is somehow bonded by the Telegram subscription bot.

SmartBotsLand subscription bot has many features that include: creating membership plans, Creating VIP Codes, monitoring members automatically.

If you have any question about this bot, let us know by SmartBotsLand support




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