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Subscription Telegram bot is a perfect AI tool which helps the owners of small or large businesses to manage their VIP Telegram channels. Creating a membership- or subscription-based business can be very rewarding as you have the opportunity to build meaningful, long-term relationships with your subscribers, provide them with valuable contents, and have a sustainable income.

It goes without saying that running a business which relies on membership is hard and time-consuming . Membership and subscription businesses introduce their products once, and gain income as long as their members remain their customers. To understand it better, imagine a teacher that has uploaded a draft of his teaching material once in his Telegram channel in 2019 and has sold it since then. All he has to do is attracting customers to his channel and get membership fee from them.

Now let’s take a closer look at membership businesses.

What Is a Membership Business?

A membership business is a organization that receives regular fee from the customers in exchange of providing them with a commodity or service. The company may take this fee daily, monthly, or yearly.

Membership organizations create a value and people pay a recurring emolument to benefit from it. Here, by value we mean either a physical good (newspaper), a digital product (an e-book), or a service (giving legal advices).

subscription telegram bot for business

Examples of Membership Business

Here, digest the meaning of membership business by knowing more about the types and examples of membership businesses.

Service-Based Membership Businesses

Teachers, Crypto traders, and dieticians are good examples of service-based subscription business. These people can share their teaching materials, advices, and meal plans in their membership Telegram channels. Then, they can charge people for accessing them.

Online Subscription-Based Businesses

Customers that use a product or service on a regular basis pay a fee in a subscription business . Two excellent examples of subscription-based businesses include Netflix and Spotify.

With subscription services, you and your customer have an ongoing contract, in which they agree to pay for accessing your goods or services. They might pay for your value once a month, year, or even every day. Additionally, customers can terminate their contract whenever they wish, so that they won’t pay fee anymore.

In-Person Subscription Businesses

In in-person subscription business, customers make regular payments and use the services/products in a physical place, not online. For example, fitness centers, art classes, beauty salons, and other places where the physical presence of the customer is necessary are in-person businesses.

Cons of Membership Business

As with all other types of businesses, membership-based businesses face some challenges and difficulties. In the following, some of these problems are mentioned.

  • Receiving fee from the members and creating invoice for each of them.
  • Send the customers the link to your VIP group or channel.
  • Checking membership and registration status of all customers.
  • Renewing the membership of the customers is hard.
  • Finding the users that have not renewed their membership and removing them from the channel is time-consuming.
  • Advertising and attracting people to the Telegram group or channel requires much effort.

subscription telegram bot reduce workload

Subscription Telegram Bot; A Way to Boost Your Business

As mentioned earlier, running a subscription business is difficult and should be done by more than one person. But what if you don’t have resources to manage your business with another person? That’s where the subscription Telegram bot comes handy. Read the following to know why membership-based businesses use these bots.

  • Getting Data from the Members

Telegram bots can learn about a user’s preferences and interests by talking with them or playing games with them. Also, they can ask registration questions from them (like gender, age, country of origin) and store these data on their cloud.

  • Selling Products or Services

Subscription Telegram bots can offer products to people in heir private chat, or advertise them in groups and channels. Since the bots must be added to the group by an admin, it might be hard to use them as an advertising tool.

  • Referring Customers to Other Channels and Groups

These bots first ask you a couple of questions to know your preferences. Then, they direct you to the appropriate channel or group. These bots don’t do any task on their own, but they can help you with classifying your customers.

  • Giving Necessary Info to Customers

Moreover, Telegram subscription bots highlight premium features of the channel on the payment page, give instruction on how to make the payment, and other necessary information.


Subscription Bot in SmartBotsLand

Do you have a Telegram groups or channels like paid crypto Telegram groups need to get membership fees from your users? SmartBotsLand have created a subscription Telegram bot which can manage your groups or channels automatically and rapidly. Also, such a bot increases your credibility and improves your user experience (UX).

SmartBotsLand subscription bot has many features, such as creating membership plans, generating VIP codes, monitoring members automatically, and making payment process easy for the customers.

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