How to create subscription bot?

If you are the admin of a Telegram channel or Telegram group and you need telegram subscription bot to manage your users and also control your membership fees, I’m sure this tutorial article will be very useful for you.

Of course, if you have a Telegram paid channel, for instance: VIP channel for crypto signals and cryptocurrency groups and receive membership fees from your members, you probably have some problems: Like checking each user’s deposits and also, checking expiration dates for members, finding and deleting expiring users manually and much more. All of which takes a lot of your time. SmartBotLand subscription bot is the answer!

Telegram subscription bot or Telegram membership bot is the main part of the whole system as it connects everything together: your members-only area, your payment gateway account, and your subscription plans. It’s a bond between you and your customers. Luckily smartbotsland team has created efficient subscription bot. So, in this article I explain how to create your bot.

  •  check out @SmartBotsLand_Bot. Now click on start button or write /start and then select “create bot“.


  • Now you reach to one of the most important steps, you have to select one of the templates that we’ve created . Basic bot is a raw bot which doesn’t have buttons. For having a Telegram subscription bot to manage your paid channel or group, you must click on subscription bot theme. Do as shown below.

subscription bot step_2For the primary steps, paste the token of your Telegram bot that you‘ve copied from @Botfather.  If you don’t know how to create your Telegram bot with @Botfather, check How to create telegram bot via @Botfather?

subscription bot 4th stepIn the following, send your full name. Next, send a valid email address, Set a password and also enter your country name.  Your bot will be launched , but you can’t do anything with your bot. For completing the setting of your Telegram subscription bot, you must click on “start your bot” button.

subscription bot tuteril


  • For adjusting your bot setting, it is necessary to tap “setting” button.

subscription bot tuterialYou should add your bot to your telegram channel and group and promote it to admin; then click on “check it out”.


  • You can see the lists of groups and channels that your bot is a member of. Click on the channel or group you want to manage. Remember that you can select one group or channel.

membersip_bot tuterial

  • There are two steps left. For creating the subscription plan, click on continue button.

adding bot to groupHere in this step you specify how your users will pay the membership fee for your subscription bot; As digital currencies or other way and you should also write your merchant id. Then send “NEXT LEVEL“.


  • As you can see, there are three columns. You should write the titles for your subscription plan, also determine the price for it in the second column. And finally specify the days for it in the last column then click on “SAVE & BACK TO BOT“.


  • Open the telegram in web or open telegram desktop afterwards, enter “/start“. I want to explain default button. First, If you tap the “subscription plans”, you can observe the subscription plans that you’ve created before.
  • Also, the users can receive pdf file of their transaction by using “My Transaction” button.
  • If your users have any questions or problems, they can contact us via supporting button.
  • And finally “admin” is specially designed for admins, so this button is not displayed to users.
  • Admin button has some sub buttons. If you click on “Edit Plan” button, a web page will be opened. So, you can edit or delete the subscription plan you’ve created before.
  • By using “extension or upgrade” button, you can upgrade your panel if you have used free trial.


  • You can contact us via “Smartbotsland Support“.
  • By clicking the “Reports” button, you can receive the reports of your channel Members (Those who have received the subscription link from your bot and they have become a members of your channel) and the list of users Transactions.


  • Login to admin panel” is the button that you click on, so and a web page will be open and you have to enter email and password.


  • Generate VIP Code: if you have special customers who for any reason you don’t want to get fee from them, you have the ability to generate VIP Code by clicking this button. Also, you need to specify the number of people you want to give unique link to them.


Thanks for your time.

Please let us know if you have any question

Get in touch:@SmartBotsLandSupport




  • i have oen bot libre
    i want used a subscription and payment bot to this service
    your platform is ok for this ?
    i send to your support telegram channel but no answer

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