World Emoji Day


Emoji Day : Through the history, human nations used different kinds of signs to send their messages or record their histories. From the time when people used to live in caves and used simple shapes to record their history to the civilizations like ancient Egyptians that used their hieroglyphs till the Modern age, shapes have been inseparable from human lives. They are a language that everyone knows these days…and we remember it by the mane “Emoji”.

A better view 

To have a full perspective, first you need to know that the company Unicode actually creates the computer code that give us emojis. Thought the codes for all emojis are the same, but different platforms can develop their own emoji.

There is a website which you can use it to know the exact meaning of each emoji. So, if you wonder which emoji means what, just visit Emojipedia!

World Emoji Day

17th July, we celebrate “World Emoji Day”. The date actually refers to the day Apple premiered its iCal calendar application in 2002. When it came to choose a day as the World Emoji Day, Apple was the only platform that had using a calendar emoji with a date on 17 July. And this is how they decide to celebrate this day too. But as the World Emoji Day, not as the jubilee of introducing iCal calendar feature for Mac in 2002.

The World’s first emoji

Shigetaka Kurita, a Japanese interface designer, was the first person who creates a pack of 176 emojis for the release of a Japanese mobile phone operator. Many refer to him as the creator of the emoji.

Shigetaka Kurita

Shapes are inseparable from humans lives and we all use emojis during our every day communications…here are the most popular emojis in the world in 2022:

  • Red Heart ❤️
  • Crying Face ?
  • Face with tears of joy ?
  •  Pleading face ?
  • Rolling on floor laughing ?

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