How to limit Telegram bot buttons?

Telegram bots are a fabulous way to automate tasks and provide users with quick access to information. However, sometimes bots can become overwhelming with too many buttons. So, you would like to hide your buttons from some of your users or  take the access of bot buttons from them. Here are some steps how to limit Telegram bot buttons.

If you would like to limit access to your bot buttons for your users, the video is for you.

  • Login to SmartBotsLand web panel, then click on bot buttons. There is an edit icon in front of all your buttons. so, a window will be opened to you.
  • In the information section, you can see “Allowed groups” option. You can change from “All users” to “Registered users”.
  • If you want users to register in your bot, you must create registration questions.
  • Also, you can only allow your specific groups to see your buttons. For doing this, you need to have specific groups in the panel. If you don’t know how to group your users, I suggest you to watch this tutorial video first.
  • You can use the chance of a 7-day trial and also, if you have any questions or requests, you can contact us via SmartBotsLand Support

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