How to add an assistant to your Telegram bot web panel?

If you create a bot and register it in SmartBotsLand. You have to know that your bot has an admin panel(Dashbord).

In some cases you may need someone(assistant) to help you with some tasks, such as:
1. Continuous uploading and updating the content
2. Checking the bot buttons report
3. Upload the file and…
4. Create or delete button
It will help you to reduce your work pressure and save your time.

Now the good news is that the SmartBotsLand team gives you the possibility to add people as assistants to your panel to help you.

Some of the benefits of adding an assistant to a panel:

1. To make some changes, it is not necessary to provide your password and email to users, you only need to create their own unique login information and access them to any part of the panel you want.
2. Part of the work is assigned to people, as a result, your work pressure is reduced
3. Because each assistant has her own unique duties, so the handling of customers will be better, as a result, the productivity and quality of work will increase.
4. You can set each assistant’s access to even one button, so each assistant can continuously update their content.

So, If you want to add an assistant to your admin panel.

you must follow the steps below step by step :

1.Enter your admin panel From “Settings” menu on “Panel Users”

3.Click on “New” button

Select Menu For add ab assistant to web panel

4. Fill out “Personal information” section
Note : Do not enter duplicate email
In fact, when you click on it, it will show you the emails you have entered, which you should not use them.
5. In “Bot permission” section, you can choose which bot your user has access to.

Note : The number of your bots depends on the version of your bot.
From here you can compare different versions :
6. In “Access permission” section, you can specify which parts of the panel your assistant has access to.
It should be noted that you can limit your assistant’s access to some parts of your admin panel.
7. Click on “Save” button.

Note : You must have allowed the assistant to access the “bot buttons” in the “Access permission” section so that you can specify which buttons it has access to in the next step.

Enter assistant information8. In “Panel users” tab, there are 5 icons in front of each assistant, one of the most important of is the “Buttons Permission” icon, which you must specify which buttons of bot the assistant can access.

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