How to create Telegram shop bot?

Telegram shop bot

Telegram shop bot is one of the best choice for you, if you are a seller and you need to set up online shop in Telegram. In this article Smartbotsland team explain you how to set up your own online shop. After you have registered in the Smartbotsland panel and launched your bot, you can easily setup your shop.

  • Write down your information, then click on sign in.
  • sign inA page will be opened to you. So, select the Store In the left bar. Then tap My Stores. Click on NEW.

store menuCreate my store

  • In this page you have to write the details about your store; like your store name, the activities of your store, tax (if in your country, you get value add tax on the price of a product or service at each stage of production, distribution, or sale to the end consumer).

my store

  • Store contact information: It’s necessary to write the information and details about your shop like: address and phone number and etc.
  • Share product: A fantastic feature of this Telegram shop bot is sharing product. Imagine that what is wonderful it would be, if your customers share your product to their friends, So their friends will know your online shop and also they can buy easily. If you want to try it, select the “YES green button for enabling this
  • Show store logo in user login: You can set a logo for your shop and enable this button. Therefore; whenever your users click on your shop, they can see the logo.
  • Show welcome message in user login: You can adjust this button to “Yes”, if you want your users receive a welcome message, after they login to your Telegram bot shop.

As you know, you can upload any kind of products; such as physical such as clothes, furniture, or virtual products like: education, software and etc. According to the picture, upload your products.


Choose file with PNG format and transparent. Don’t upload the files with other formats like: JPG, SVG.
The sizes of your products are important. Don’t upload large size photos, please.

store category

  • Store operators: The most important section about store is, “Store operators” section. For activating your store, you should add an operator or some operators, according to your needs. Then, tap the add button.
  • store payment setting: You have two choices for paying option: As cash on delivery and online payment. Also; you can select both of them. Finally, do not forget to click on the save Now you have a store!
  • New option: We have added a new feature for payment recently, which it is called Manual payment. With this option, your customers can pay easier than before. You can write credit card number or set any payment gateway in the Description of manual payment. Customers have to send receipt after paying and the operators will receive.


Product categories

It is obvious that for organizing your products, you need to categorize them so for this you need to click on product Categories in the left bar. A page will be opened to you. Click on New and follow the steps below:

Root: If your category is a main category, don’t set the root, otherwise; You can set the root for it.

Category title: For each category, you need to write the title for it.

Show: By activating this button, your users can see your categories by their Telegram bot.

If you need, you can upload photos for your products in this section.

Don’t forget to click on SAVE, Please.



In this section you can choose whether your products will be imported individually or all together. It gets you less time if you import them all together, so you need to click on DOWNLOAD THE PRODUCT FILE. An excel file will be opened and you can import all of your products. As I said before category codes are important, so you have to write correct code for each categories and if you don’t remember your categories code, select the category in left bar, thus you can see them.

store productOrder Setting

when you click on Order Setting in left bar, a page will be opened and you can specify the order process for it like: sending, delivering and etc. By doing this, your customer will be able to see and check the entire ordering process.

order settingDisplay color: You can set color for each order processing and also, You can specify each process with a specific color. click on Add for each process. At last, tap SAVE button.


Every online shop has customers. So, as a shop manager, it is important to have list of your customers. by clicking on this button, you can see the list of customers who have registered in your bot and they placed the order.


To send orders you need to see your order list. By clicking on orders in left bar, you can see it.

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