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As you know one of the most popular features of Telegram, are Telegram bots. Smartbotsland team has created some useful bots and also a web panel that let you to create your own bot. This panel gives you some required buttons like: Basic Button, Form Maker button, Poll button and Individual Button. In this article we explain how to create Basic Button for your Telegram bot. Basic buttons are used for giving information to users. If the users click on these buttons, they will see the content of these buttons; For instance, if you have restaurant, you can create menu button; so, whenever your users click on that, they will see the picture of menu. If you like to know how to create this Telegram bot button, read the steps below.

  • Write down your information, then click on sign in.

sign in

  • On home page click on Bot button, then click on NEW. You can see four buttons. tap CREATE BASIC BUTTON. You need to write the button information, you want to create in information box.



  • Button Title: First you should write the appropriate title for your button according to your needs.
  • parent button: As you know we determine the place of the button, which we want to create. You can set this button to start menu or under set of the other basic buttons.
  • status: By clicking on this button, you can enable this button so, your users can see them on their bot.
  • Access user groups: All your users can see this button If you set “All”; but if you need to show this button to some special groups of your users, you have the ability to set “Allowed groups”. If you don’t know about grouping users, I suggest you to watch tutorial video about that.
  • Allowed users: When it is “All”, all your users can see this telegram bot button. So it’s clear when it’s “Registered users “, only who have registered, can see this bot button

button content

In this section, you should write all the details and information which you want to show to your users.

  • Content type: You can choose the content type according to your needs. They include: message, photo, audio, document, sticker, video and etc.
  • content: you should write the content you want to display; so, when your users click on this button, they can see all the contents.
  • tip : Only basic buttons can have sub buttons. And by adding your sub buttons in this section and clicking on ADD BUTTON CONTENT, You have sub button.

other setting

Link Preview: If you need to insert a link of a photo or video in your text and also, you want that the photo or the video will be displayed with the link, enable this option.

Buttons Size: You can change the size of your buttons. small size is more appropriate.

Message Alert Sound: If you enable this option, when your users click on this button, they a sound.

Maximum replies: If you have uploaded so many photos in your content, you can determine how many photos should be uploaded, when the users click on it.

Number of buttons in row: You can adjust the layout of your buttons and also specify the number of buttons to be placed in the row here.

Expire date: You can set an expiration date for your button that users will not be able to see after that date.

Select default submenus: In this section, you can enable the buttons. In this section, you activate the button you need.

Layout Buttons: By dragging and drop, you can adjust the layout of your buttons.

Click the Save button to save all your changes.

Let’s visit the bot to see your changes



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