Telegram Birthday

Telegram Birthday : Today, Telegram reach the age 9, while it is amongst the five most-downloaded applications in the world and already past over 700 million active users! Telegram began as a small app focused on secure messaging and have since grown into a platform with increasing number of users. Two days before Telegram’s birthday, Telegram also released the newest update and in the continuation, You are going to know about a brief history of this fabulous messaging app and the newest update.

Telegram Birthday 

In 14th August 2013, Telegram officially began as a messaging app with a goal to bring the proper security for messaging. The reason behind this noticeable focus on security, had came from the day when the SWAT team had surrounded his apartment back to Russia. At that moment, he wanted nothing more that to make contact with his brother, Nikolai; according to the fact that no kind of communication were safe at the moment, he thought about a safe way of communication. If you are eager to know what had happened back then, I suggest you not to miss this article about Pavel Durov.

Telegram did not reach this number or popularity on its own. Telegram has never advertised and every user has come to use the app, it was because of a recommendation from someone they trust.

Now, after 9 years since the launch day, It is so much of a delight to look at all these moving-forwards and developments so we can thank Telegram and wish it a happy Birthday!


Features of the New Update

In the latest update of Telegram, we face even more amazing features than before. This update introduces the Telegram Emoji Platform, animated emoji in messages and captions, custom emoji packs, the ability to give Telegram Premium as a gift, a new privacy setting for voice messages and more.

Custom Animated Emoji

Telegram’s new update with animated emojis has been released for premium users. Premium users have access to 10 animated emoji packs with more than 500 emojis.

Interactive Custom Emoji

Many new animated emojis are interactively available to premium users.

New Sticker, GIF and Emoji Panel on iOS

In the new Telegram update, the sticker and GIF panel has been redesigned in iOS and now have a new look.

Privacy Settings for Voice Messages

In this update, premium users have the possibility to specify from whom to receive voice messages or video messages. like EveryoneMy Contacts, or Nobody and also, you have the ability to add exceptions as well.

Privacy Settings for Voice Messages

Gifting Telegram Premium

Users can now gift premium subscriptions to each other and share this magnificent experience with your loved ones by sending them a prepaid subscription for 3, 6 or 12 months at a discount. With Telegram birthday, you can surprise a friend with this gif.

More Interactive Emoji

Emojis ??⚡️??? were interactively available for all users. Send one of these into any 1-on-1 chat to get a big animated emoji that displays an effect when you tap it

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