Best Telegram Bots

Using Telegram bots helps you automate your tasks and have more personal time. Telegram bots are specific accounts running by computer, not people. You can find or create them easily and use them 24/7 for getting updated information and news, running a business, managing chats, and entertainment. Here, we will introduce the best telegram bots that will help you in facilitating and speeding up your tasks.

How Should I Use Telegram Bots?

Supposing that you want to find and use Telegram bots, here is a step-by-step instruction on how to use them.

All bots in Telegram have a specific username which makes them easy to find. You can search bots by either entering their usernames in the search box of the application or writing the username with an “@ sign” before it. For example, @Telegrambot or @Telegram_bot.

Once you have opened the bot, you can start a conversation with it by clicking on /start button or writing it in the dialogue box. Each Telegram bot has a series of features and buttons designed to do a specific task. When you hit the buttons, the bot will guide you through the steps until you get the data you need.

10 Best Telegram Bots 

Now, let’s find out more about the best Telegram bots available for downloading media, converting files, playing games, scheduling events, etc. 


Utubebot has been designed to help you download from YouTube. You just need to copy/paste the link of that video into this bot so that it provides different formats of it for you. Also, you can trim videos or audio using this bot. If you download an MP3 file, you can directly set tags for that file with proper orders.




GameBot is perhaps the most famous and popular bot in Telegram. You can now play Math Battle, Corsairs, and LumberJack games in this bot, but it’s promised that new games will be added to it in the future. Challenge your mind and have fun with your friends with this fantastic bot.

best telegram bots gamebot

Instagram Downloader Bot

Instagram Downloader helps you to download from Instagram. In order to do that, you can send the bot: username, account link, post link, story link, or IGTV link to download it. This bot helps you download fast and securely from Instagram, without any intermediate application or third-party software.

Instagram downloader best telegram bots


IFTTT, the short form of “If This Then That”, is a bot that can link your Telegram account to more than 360 other services such as Twitter, Instagram, etc. You can import photos, videos, music files, etc. from other services to your Telegram group and channel with this bot.

best telegram bot IFTTT

Eddy Travels

Eddy Travels is a useful and popular bot for finding affordable flights and accommodations. Whether you are traveling within the country or abroad, this bot finds the cheapest flights as well as hotels and hostels with the most positive reviews. Also, if you send /places to the bot, it will suggest the top travel destinations.

best telegram bots eddy travels


If you are a busy person and have to do lots of tasks every day, Skeddy bot comes in handy. Use this Telegram bot to save a reminder for your appointments, meetings, and events so that you do not miss them. You can also set your preferred language in this bot and specify a time zone according to where you live. After you set all those reminders, the bot will send you each reminder at its time. Just enable your Telegram notification so you don’t miss it!

skeppy best telegram bots


Have trouble finding e-books? BookDown is here to help you. You can search among millions of e-book copies and find any book just by writing their names in this bot!

YouTube, Spotify, and Deezer Downloader

This bot can download songs and albums from Spotify, YouTube, and Deezer. All you have to do is send the link of that media (song or video) to the bot.

YouTube Deezer Spotify

Subscription Bot for Telegram Channels and Groups

The subscription bot made by the SmartBotsLand team is specifically designed to manage Telegram groups and channels. Do you have a membership-based Telegram channel or group and don’t know how to run it properly? Our subscription bot helps you have full control over your channel, receive membership fees, check member’s registration status, send media and notifications automatically, and many more. With SmartBotsLand Subscription bot, you will have more time to make new, high-quality content as your AI assistant is running your channel in the best way possible.

We welcome questions and suggestions about the best Telegram bots mentioned in this article. So, have no hesitation to contact us by clicking here.


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