How to create referral system in Telegram bot?

You are probably one of our users and have launched your Telegram bot in SmartBotsLand panel. But if you are not, you can register in two ways: by panel and also by bot maker. In this article, we are going to introduce you to one of the features of Smartbot called the referral system.

If you would like a Telegram bot to have some kind of “get a referral. link” button so, when your users click on this button, the bot will give them a personal link and they can send the link to their contacts. Follow the steps below to create this referral system in your Telegram bot.

Open SmartBotsLand panel on “Home” page, so; you can see “Bot Buttons”. Click on it.


You can see all your bot buttons. In the page that opens for you, there is an edit icon in front of each button. By clicking on it, the editing window will open for you.

telegram referral botScroll down the page, then you will see “Select Default Submenus”. Please activate the “Invite a Friend” button. And finally, click on the “Edit” button.

referral service
By following the steps above, your button will be successfully displayed in the Telegram bot, but if the default invitation text is not to your liking, change the text and customize it for your needs.

To change the default invitation text: Go to “Bot Management” in the left bar, then click “Bot Settings” and “Invitation Bot Text”.

referral bot setting
There are several guides for writing invitation bot text. Write your invitation text like the examples and pay attention to tips below to write appropriately.


You should not remove the curly brackets. If you remove them, no links will be displayed to your users.

You can edit the name of your buttons by clicking “Manage Bot”, then “Set Bot” and then “Set Button Title”.

You can also see all your users and the number of people they have invited, as well as more information about them in the “Robot Users” section, then “All Users”.

referral bot link
SmartBotsLand has offered these features so, you can see them in 7 days free trial.

You can ask your questions in the comments or contact us through SmartBotsLand support

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