How to pay by Telegram bot?

If you have an online shop in Telegram and sell your goods and products, or if you manage a VIP channel or a VIP group and you need to charge membership fees from your users, or you have a restaurant or consulting unit and you want to let your customers make their payments through Telegram bot, SmartBotsLand has provided you payment by Telegram bot. SmartBotsLand offers two payment methods. At the end of this article, you will fully understand what these methods are and how to use them.

If you have a telegram bot, you must know that payment is important thing in the bot.

SmartBotsLand support two methods for payment:

  1. Online payment
  2. Manual Payment

Online Payment

SmartBotsLand just support CoinPayment gateway so you need register with and get a merchant ID.



Once you have launched your bot, enter the SmartBotsLand panel. One of the places where you can enable manual payment is in the form maker buttons. So click on the bot buttons on the left sidebar and click on “NEW”. Then tap on the “Create Form Maker Button”.


If you have no idea how to create a ‘form maker button’, we have already prepared a tutorial video about it. First, you need to watch it and for the next step, make the payment settings.

Payment setting:

You may have problems registering on or you may prefer to put your debit card number or wallet code or the address of any bank portal you have so that customers can directly deposit money into your bank account. For this, SmartBotsLand has added a new feature called manual payment. In this way, your customers can directly deposit fees into your wallet.

As you can see in the picture below, there is an option for you.  Activate the “Money” to open the submenu for you.
For “Type Get Money” it is necessary to select “Force”. With this, your customers will have to pay for registration. But if you choose “optional” you will allow all your users to register without paying any fee.

  • Price: Specify a price according to your needs in “Price”.
  • Online payment: Set up your business ID and users can pay for you this way.
  • Manual Payment: You will see a box in this section. In this box, we have prepared a default text that you can change if needed and put your wallet code or bank portal address. Your customers will see this message when they select the manual payment option in the bot.

payment settingRecipients:

You need to add operators here. These operators will receive photos and files that users send. So; You must enable all the options in this section.

telegram bot recipients

List Process Steps:

In this section, create your questions and these questions are the questions that your users must answer. We have already explained the steps to create a question, you can see it here.
Well, the steps of making the button and setting the payment have been completed. Below we mention some points that you should put in order to set up the payment.

telegram bot question


 If your users wish to choose manual payment, they must send a photo of the payment receipt and have your operator approve it, otherwise they will not be allowed to register with your bot.

 If you want to change your currency, click on “Robot management” in the left bar and “Robots” option and change your currency.

 You can change the payment icon by tapping “Manage Bot” and “Set Bot” and then “Set Bot Title”.


If you have any comments or questions about these payment methods, we will be happy to leave a comment for us or contact us via SmartBotsLandsupport


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