Smartbotsland; How does Telegram Bot Maker work?

Having your business on social networks like Telegram, where there are many users, can be a good opportunity. One of the ways to be effective in this place is to use telegram bots.

Telegram bots have advantages like high security, easy access, scalability, and so on.

smartbotsland offers its Telegram bot maker product which we will explain it in the following.

Telegram bot maker

In some cases, you need programming knowledge, time, and etc to use Telegram Bots. smartbotsland has made it easy for you to create a telegram bot. You can use this bot maker and manage your bots without need of any programming knowledge.

Some of the most important features that the Telegram Bot Maker provides;

  • Ability to record customer orders and application reports
  • Ability to categorize your bot users and send the content that is based on their needs
  • Add a poll section in the bot and receive feedback from users
  • Complete management of telegram groups and channels
  • Using online consultations
  • create an online shop with many features
  • allow people to find your location easily
  • receiving daily news from news sites automatically(RSS)

Now you can share this bot maker and take advantage of all its features to create a professional bot. The bot maker has the advantage that you can use all of its features by paying subscription. Also, choose one that is suitable for your needs.

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