How to Create a Telegram Bot via @BotFather


Create a Telegram Bot via BotFather

The first step for creating a Telegram Bot is, creating a bot account. For this purpose, you must use of BotFather.
BotFather is used only to create a Telegram bot username.
You should know, you can’t use logical action for your telegram bot, such as creating various forms, creating buttons, receiving various types of information, sending various types of messages, etc. For this purpose, Smartbotsland panel has provided these facilities for you, so you can manage your Telegram bots without programming knowledge.

Learning create Telegram bot in BotFather and recive token

To create a Telegram bot, search @botfather in the Telegram search field. Click on it to enter the PV BotFather, here you have to click the “START” button.
After hitting the “START” button, the list of commands shown in the image below will be sent to you.

BotFather commands

/newbot: This command is for creating a telegram bot. By selecting this option and performing the following steps, you can create your telegram bot and receive the bot token.

1. Here BotFather asks you to choose a name (not username) for your Telegram bot.
2. After selecting the name, BotFather will ask you to enter a username for your Telegram bot. At this step, to choose the username of your Telegram bot, you should pay attention to the following points: The bot username must end in bot or _bot. Note that BotFather does not allow you to get a duplicate username (already registered by other people), so if you encounter the message shown in the image below, you should ask for another username.
Seeing the message shown in the image below means that your Telegram bot username has been verified and registered by BotFather and your Telegram bot has been created. Note that this message from BotFather includes your Telegram bot link and your Telegram bot token.


Token and link Telegram bot

Intoducing some practical commands in BotFather

Now we want to introduce you to some of the useful commands that are in BotFather.

/setuserpic: This option is used to create or change the bot profile picture. After selecting this option and selecting your bot, just send the photo you want to your Telegram bot profile.

/setcommands: Using this option, you can define default commands for your Telegram bot.
The only use of this is that if the user entered the bot, by writing /, he will see these commands. For example: /start.
After sending this command to BotFather, you will receive the answer shown in the image below, that is, you must enter the commands as follows.

commands in BotFather

/setdescription: You can write a welcome text or some descriptions about your bot’s services  for the beginning of your bot and before click on the “START” button.

/setname: If you have already created a bot but want to edit or change the name of your bot, use this command.
Note that using this command you can only change the name of your bot and you can not change the username of the bot.

/revoke: If you have to get a new token for your bot. You can using this command.

/setjoingroup: This command let you or others that add your bot to telegram groups. This command is “Enable” as default. If you want to cancel this permition, select “Disable”.


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