How to customize your Telegram bot buttons? (adding formula)

Customize your Telegram bot buttons: Telegram bot buttons are interactive buttons that can be added to a bot’s messages to allow users to perform specific actions or provide specific responses. These buttons can be customized with text, icons, and URLs, and can be used to create menus, forms, and other types of interactive interfaces within the chat window. Users can simply tap on the button to trigger the associated action, without having to type any commands or navigate through complex menus. Telegram bot buttons can be particularly useful for customer service, surveys and more.

You can register in our panel and customize your bot easily. SmartBotsLand has provided some default buttons. One of them, is the form maker button. I’ve explained to you how to create a maker button in this tutorial article. You can customize the form maker button which is used for getting information from your users; For instance, registering your users in a special course.

Customize your Telegram bot buttons by adding formula

You can customize your form maker buttons, by adding formulas and parameters. This feature is for those who would like to put the information you get from your users into a calculation expression and use it.

After logging to the panel, on the Home page, you can see Bot buttons. If you have a form maker button, you just need to edit it. Otherwise, you have to create one. In the process of creating the form maker button, you scroll down the page and see a list of process steps.

The process of creating the questions has been explained in the form maker tutorial and the difference is “parameter”. You should enable it and write a letter for the parameter. Add your formula and write proper calculation unit according to your needs.

If you need to use your formula as the price, activate “price”.

adding formula to the bot

In this example, you can see the BMI formula. Be careful that you have to write your formula like this sample. To understand more, please watch the above video.

You can use the chance of a 7-day-trial and also, if you have any questions or requests, you can contact us via SmartBotsLand Support

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